How to Find The Right Electrician For You

Homeowners need electrical work for any number of reasons, ranging from repairs to installs. DIY electrical work is dangerous and often results in inadequate results that may lead to a rash of problems, including housefires. Quality electrical work starts with a well-qualified electrician, someone you must find through careful research. Never hire the first electrician that you find online or in the Yellow pages and hope for the best. Many tools make researching contractors simple, however, choosing a good electrician without an understanding of what negates a good electrician is not so simple. Consider the following information to secure a great electrician for your service needs.

License and Insurance

Licensed, insured contractors are well-qualified for the job. They have taken the necessary coursework and training to perform a variety of electrical services safely and accurately. He takes his job seriously and works to meet the needs of his customer. Never settle for second-rate service with an unlicensed contractor. Insurance is just as important. Insurance protects homeowners in the event of mishaps during the job. Verify the contractor’s license is up to date online, when possible. The contractor can also provide you with a copy of his current license and insurance information. Check to ensure that the insurance and license is not expired before hiring an electrical contractor.


Not every electrician has the same experience or qualifications. Without verification of the electrician’s qualifications, you may find yourself working with the wrong contractor. Some electricians may even specialize in certain areas of electrical work or carry accreditations. A Master Electrician, for example, has a minimum of three years’ experience and offers a 12-month warranty (minimum) on workmanship. Master Electricians take their jobs seriously. Using this electrician is costlier than traditional electrical work but ensures that you receive the highest standard of workmanship and satisfaction possible. Learn more about each type of electrician and the qualifications and credentials they hold before hiring.

Service Cost

Check the price of electrical service with the contractor before hiring. Experts recommend homeowners request at least three quotes from various local electricians. Request more than three quotes if you wish. The more quotes, the more assurance in getting the best price for electrical service. Most contractors offer quotes at no cost, but this may not be the case with every electrician. Communicate exactly what you need during the electrical service, including specific brands and materials. This will make it easier to get accurate quotes and compare rates with one another. Never choose a contractor based on price alone, but do not overpay for services, either.

Reputation and Recommendations

Ask the electrician to provide you with three references. He should give you the names and contact information for these people, whether a telephone number or an email address. Contact the references to learn their thoughts on the electrical service received from the contractor. But do not stop there if you want the most accurate representation of the electrical contractor. Check out online reviews to learn more about the electrician’s reputation. Many reputable sites offer free reviews chocked-full of information that gives you a higher level of confidence, or lack thereof, of the electrical contractor. Word-of-mouth helps find good contractors as well. Friends, neighbors, family, coworkers, and other trusted people may direct you to a great electrician if you ask for their recommendations.


Dealing with a contractor with a bad attitude or who does not seem to take his work seriously is a nightmare. They make every step of the job more difficult and often leave the job unfinished or with less than desirable results. Never hire an electrician who lacks in the professionalism department. Evaluate the professionalism and attitude the contractor has during the initial consultation and quote phase. Is the contractor in uniform, professionally dressed, and confident in his work? Does the contractor communicate well and seem interested in your work? The professionalism an electrician reflects from the first contact is an example of what to expect working with the company.

Electrical Contractor Checklist

Getting stuck with the wrong contractor is not an experience any homeowner wants. It is risky and costly, not to mention frustrating when you simply need electrical work but have the wrong contractor there for the job. Yet, many homeowners find themselves with the wrong electrician because they did not take the time to look for the best expert for the job. Do not include yourself on that list when finding the right electrician for your needs is simple with the information above in mind. With the right electrician, none of the electrical issues and mishaps around the home seem so bad when all is said and done.


Hire the best electrician for the job by conducting research before hiring. Look for an electrician who offers:

  • License and insurance
  • Free quotes, competitive pricing
  • Good reputation and community recommendations
  • Specializes in the work that you need
  • Professional appearance and attitude

Keep the points above in mind when choosing an electrician. This information alleviates headaches that often accommodate the electrician selection process and ensures you find the right contractor for your needs. Your hard-earned money, home, and family are at stake; do not settle for less than you deserve when hiring an electrician.

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